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Arly Lariviere's Turning Point

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HaitianBeatz wants to congratulate the Maestro, Arly Lariviere, on his recent win 
for “Album of the Year” from Ticket Magazine and the Prestigious Music Awards.   Those wins only continue to solidify the Maestro as one of the prominent composers in the HMI.
Mr. Lariviere’s latest award as with the previous ones that he has received for his performances and hit songs have not been without serious interpersonal works and serious soul searching.  We, the public have seen the external aspects of what Mr. Lariviere have endured, but the internal battle can only be understood when he allows you into his world.  
As a leader, assessment of the product is always at the forefront of the output.  That sounds like engineering lingo, but that is the way the Maestro views his work in Nu Look.  When the bookings slowed down; the bal attendance is decreasing, internal turmoil within the band is looming, there is no choice left but changes must be made.  As the Maestro puts it, it affected him tremendously as the leader of the band.  He knew that change requires action.  
So, the Maestro hit the streets to assess the product output.  He ventured out to meet the public.  He started attending bal incognito.  During his attendance, he witnessed that when Nu Look songs were being played by the DJ’s, the audience remained in their seats.  The dance floor would be packed when a different sound was being played.  The hard konpa sound did not result in a  packed  dance floor.  The crowd that frequents the bal are usually a much younger crowd, and they were enjoying the younger generation's sound.  The Maestro sat in the people’s class and gathered his notes.  With his keyboard and notes at hand, the Maestro went into the studio.
 arly new inside
The engineer went back to the drawing board, and two years later released one of Nu Look best albums entitled “I Got This”, the next album that followed was “My time” and most recently “No Stress”.  All these albums have included hit songs that have been staples in the DJ’s playlist and favorites at every Nu Look bal.  The Maestro wanted to bring party goers to the dance floor and he has accomplished that by going to the people instead of waiting for them to come to him.  Whenever you hear songs like “What about tomorrow”, “Until When”, you will most likely see some hands in the air, which is our “Haitian” sign of a good song.  Arly heard the criticisms from all sides when he released each one of his hit songs.  Some say, the songs are not Konpa enough, while others say the songs have too much a zouk sound, the Maestro stayed focused and knew what the crowd was responding to.  In the end, the Maestro, Arly Lariviere’s assessment of the HMI has resulted in positive results for Nu Look, the public, and most importantly he is doing it on his own terms.
 Many of our HMI artists, especially as they get closer toward midlife, have experienced awakening opportunities. These are occasions that disrupt their sense of their normalcy, routines, complacency, and safety. Their actions sometimes get us upset and often create a sense of fear as fans. These defining moments can however serve as powerful signals for change. 
I report, you decide.
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