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Tadia: The Energizer

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TADIA is an all-around eclectic, vibrant artist and storyteller who 
also claims the titles of singer, songwriter, entertainer, media maker/ personality, and entrepreneur based in New York City. She turned her name into an acronym and even a motto that she lives by; Turning All Dreams Into Adventure. She released her debut single 'Down Low' in July 2019 with Grammy-award winning producer Jerry Wonda and billboard-charting producer Jackson Chery.
Haitianbeatz had the opportunity to have a little chat with Tadia. I call her the "Energizer" because she's always on the move and never stops. 
 HB- ​You wear many hats, but never knew you were a singer until I invited you to perform at one of Haitianbeatz unplugged in Miami, how did that singing thing get started?
 TT- People who know me, know that I’ve always been singing. My passion for music cultivated at age 9 when I’d sing at weddings, church events, concerts in school and later sang in a gospel band called 'The Believers'.
I’ve performed at Universal Studios,​ ​Blue Note Jazz Club​, SOBs, Carnegie Hall​. In 2007 I started my studies at the​ ​Juilliard School​, where I took private instruction studying trombone from Paul Redman and Weston Sprott. After playing the trombone for 9 years, I taught myself to play the piano.
HB- You have a master degree in journalism, what drew you to music?
TT- I was always drawn to music and always knew I’d come back to it deep down in my heart which is why I chose something like journalism where I’d learn a skill that I can apply to anything that I chose to ultimately do.
HB- Who are you inspired by?
TT- My uncle Guy. He’s a superhero.
HB- What's the biggest problem you've had to overcome so far?
I wouldn’t call this a problem but instead my greatest challenge has been trying to balance my business Fembelle, my media career and now integrating this into my music career. Establishing the level of commitment I have for each and also keeping the money coming in steady.
HB- What do you enjoy most about being a singer? What do you hate most?
TT- Creating. My favorite part is the production, seeing what comes out of my head and then playing it back for my close circle to get their feedback.
So far, I don’t really hate anything. But I do foresee the politics of the industry being something I have to keep on my radar as something I may have to navigate carefully.
HB- I know your mom way back as the former manager of Phantoms, she was a hardcore Phantoms fan, is she supportive of your musical career?
TT- My mom is one of the MAIN reasons why I am able to take on this endeavor. She tries to be at all of my shows. She promotes my stuff to all of her people. She’s a GEM. I am lucky to have her support. There are definitely some things that I have to put her on about the industry at times like when building relationships precedes business transactions but she believes in me a great deal and this motivates me a lot.
HB- What was the process like for your first single “Down low?
tadia new   
HB-  Describe your sound.
TT- I can’t fully describe since I’m still exploring it. It’s also something I encourage people to hear for themselves because it's a combination of different things. My records fall under this genre - Afro Caribbean Soul - World Music.
HB- Who are some of the producers you are working with?
TT- Jerry Wonda & Jackson Chery
HB- What’s an average day like for you?
TT- Ha! Average? LOL -- nothing about my lifestyle is average right now. Everyday looks very different. Meetings, phone conferences, clients, studio sessions, always planning some kind of production.
HB- Who would you like to collaborate with?
TT- Tiwa Savage, Princess Eud, Lauryn Hill, Melii, Pipo from Klass
HB-Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans?
TT- My DM’s are very OPEN. I go Live once in a while. My comments section (sometimes)
HB- What is your favorite part about this music business? Your least favorite? Why?
TT- The business part of it. Before anything I’m a business woman first. And being a GREAT entrepreneur, you’ll know relationships mean EVERYTHING. I take time to develop relationships with people that I go into long-term business with. I allow people to know WHO they’re signing up to and I am very transparent about my reality.
HB- Least favorite? 
TT- So far so good.
HB- - Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?
Sure, if I haven’t rehearsed enough it’s always a little nerve-wracking but God never fails me.
HB- Tell me about your favorite performance so far in your career?
TT- John Jay College, the students’ energy was nuts and they were very engaged and I truly felt they connected with me well.
HB- How do you view female artists in the Haitian Music Industry?
TT- So much talent, happy to see the immersion of many other women artists coming to surface. When I link up with other female artists in the Haitian Music Industry, it’s always LOVE, genuine appreciation, no fake vibes. I’m not showing the love for the clout either. Even at times, if I may not particularly be a huge fan of the music, I will always show love because I know how hard it is for us. Upliftment and encouragement is all I have to give, it's all I know to give.
HB- If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
TT- The Haitian Music Industry? -- Structure, Diversity, More Opportunities for New Artists, Women Artists, New Audiences to emerge. Haitian Promoters enforcing event start times. Switching the styles of the way people enjoy music, exploring options outside of just club style.
HB- What’s next for you?
TT- More Music, Music Videos, Shows, Solo Show in the Spring, And a VERY special project in conjunction with colleges launching later this year/early next year.
HB- Thank you Tadia!
TT- Thanks HB!
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