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Richard Cave love songs through violent and negative allusion

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Some say if you listen to the discography of Haitian music, you will learn a lot 
about our history.  From the political unrest (Ansy Derose, Nou vle) to natural disasters (DP Express, David).  Such can be said of Mr. Richard Cave.Malad, Kriminel, Zenglendo, CIA, Kidnapping, Cancer and most recently Mafia are just a few of songs titled on various KAI and Carimi albums.
In an attempt to understand the inspiration for the songs, I reached out to the writer and lead singer of KAI, Richard Cave.
Our conversation began with the obvious question, that is, to explain the correlation between the various song titles.  I wanted to know whether we in the HMI should really consider an intervention to get psychological help for Richard.  Although the question came out of left field, Richard was not surprised by the observation.  He quickly responded through his laughter, “Woww, I’m shocked you ask me about that..kièt…this is not something that I do on purpose, because I had realized that myself and I wanted an explanation. Since my dad is a psychologist and he’s also my dad, I figured he would be the best person to ask about that. I went straight to him for an answer”.  Richard’s understanding based on his conversation with his dad is that the lyrics that he writes stems from his experience during his parents’ divorce which occurred when he was a child.  Richard did not adjust well to the divorce.  It resulted in some resentment towards his dad, feeling of helplessness towards his mom which manifested in his school work.  Although his relationship with his dad is currently fine, it wasn’t all positive for several years.
Richard never views love as describe in 1 Corinthians 13.  “Cheri’m rinmin’w, “Doudou, I love you” is not part of his writing DNA.  He sees and has experience the bitter aspect of love, and those experiences has manifested into who he is, therefore in his writings.
Fortunately, this style has worked for Richard.  Those songs titles are integral part of the HMI’s list of great songs. Although some words invoke a certain reaction once heard in our daily lives, but when are associated with Richard Cave, they are great titles and great hit songs. Cancer, Malad, Kriminel, Mafia, are only the beginning.  Don’t expect any sudden change because Richard will continue to write based on his experiences.  Maybe, we will hear a “Cheri’m rinmin’w” in his repertoire, then we will know Richard’s experience has taken another turn.  Until then, we are enjoying his perspective on life through his hit songs.   
I report, you decide!
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