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Saurel Celestin: Mr. Day Party

Written by Makak
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Most people carry with them the old habits of their High School years into 
the real world when they become adults. Back in the days, we used to cut classes, to go to something we used to call “Hooky” parties, that usually start around 12 noon and ends just on time to make it home before our parents arrive back from work. The moment you enter that friend’s house or apartment where that Hooky party is being held, you're swallowed up into a mass of people, sometimes losing your friends in the process. As you get older, with a busy schedule, responsibility piles up, family life, you start to lose interest in the nightlife.
But just when you're losing your patience with nights parties, Saurel Celestin have been able to give you another option for the past few years that have captured the attention of other cities in the HMI. Boston, New Jersey, Miami, even Haiti.  All have jumped into the "Day Party" bandwagon. It is very similar to a hooky party, except it is more organized and it's been held at upscale venues instead of an apartment. During the last few years, Day parties have become more popular, where promoters started to add our top HMI bands into the mix, instead of having just DJs. 
HB caught up with the man himself, I call “Mr Day Party”, Saurel Celestin: 
HB- How long have you been doing day parties?
SC - It’s been about 9 years since I started doing day parties. I started in 2012 and ever since then it has become one of my hobbies.
HB- what is the idea behind a day party?
SS- The idea  behind it was to start something different in the community. One thing I’ve learned as a promoter and a business is to study your crowd and to pay close attention. Once I realized the kind of crowd I was dealing with I knew it would work.
HB- Approximately, how many day parties do you do per year?
SC- About 24 days a year!
HB- Do you have a partner, and who is that person?
SC- I started with a partner whose name were Fred Lherisson and Vladimir Cave. We did it for about 6 years and in 2018 I decided to venture on my own independently.
HB- How long have you been doing Kompa Tuesday?
SC- It’s been 9 years since Kompa Tuesday started.
HB- I've noticed that "Day Parties" have become the latest trend in the HMI including in other cities, Miami, Boston...do you see it as a challenge or as a compliment that you've set a trend that many other promoters are following?
SC- You know as an entrepreneur sometimes it can be quite challenging but I’m a trendsetter and it is such an honor to see that other promoters like me find it so captivating.
HB- Almost all of your events are held in Manhattan, is there a particular reason for that?
SC- All my events are held in Manhattan because it centered all the tri state areas in which cover the mass crowd that I am aiming for my events.
HB- Not only do you throw parties, you are always partying as well, people always ask where do you get the energy, can you answer that question, once and for all?
SC- Well,  being in the promotional industry I always have to show support to my fellow promoters as well. They always come to support my events and why not reciprocate the gesture.
HB- Any new plans for 2020?
SC- I am working on a lot of different projects at the moment and you will just have to wait and see.
HB- Final words?
SC- Of course it’s always a pleasure to work with a fellow Haitian thriving to get the words out and bringing the Haitian community together I’d like to thank you for the awesome work you’re doing! And also thank all my supporters who always come out and support me. I’m so glad to enter a new decade with all of you! Thank you for being Amazing supporters, I am forever grateful for all the love I’ve gotten in the past years. Stay tuned for more!
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