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Richie explains 5 essentials in Klass success

Written by Makak
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 When asked within the HMI circles of the reason behind Klass’ success
it is a unanimous response that discipline has a lot to do with it. Many wonder that there must be more to than just discipline. Instead of guessing, I went straight to the man himself, band leader and Maestro Richie.
He gave HB the 5 keys reason to Klass' success in the HMI:
1- Making good music:
“You can’t remove this out of the equation, music is the number one thing that the band stands for, therefore music is the first priority of Klass. Without the musical part, Klass would not be where it’s at. You have to keep up with time when composing new music and must continue to produce hit songs. If you don’t, people will eventually forget about you. Timing is important as well. The same music that is a hit song today, you might release it tomorrow or the day before, and it’s not a hit. Music goes with timing
2- Discipline
“Discipline has a lot of parameters. Discipline in a band must be strict. As bandmates, we must believe in the ideals, principles, and philosophy of the band. Each member must take the responsibility and must be aware and think for himself. Any negative action by any band member casts a bad light on the whole band. Once a decision is made, we must all follow it, even if you did not agree with the majority. Discipline is a must”.
3- Good Will
“Good will is something you cannot teach. The band members must be on the same page, with the will do be a successful band. The goodwill of a band increases its value, as qualities such respect for its fans, its brands, music, and reputation. Each member see himself as the ambassador of the band, on and off the stage. 
4- Loyalty
“Loyalty I’m not only talking about within ourselves, but also loyal to our fans and people we do business with. For example, if we have a traditional date with a promoter, and another promoter comes along and double the price we usually get for that date, we will not accept it. People who identify themselves as being a loyal fan or supporter, we will be loyal to them. If I notice someone who is a hard worker and that person is loyal to another band, I will not try to take that person away from that band, I will look around and find someone else who can work as hard as that person or even harder. Loyalty equal respect.
5- Networking
You need to build a relationship with the movers and shakers of the industry, Like the DJ’s, radio personalities, journalists, band managers, promoters. Those people are all part of the industry so if you want to thrive you need to network with them. Put all personal issues aside and do business. Networking provides contacts and opportunities. Opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on. So, make sure that you network!
I report, you decide!
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