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Mickael Music: Through her journey in Haiti

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Mickael Music spent her whole Summer touring Haiti in order to share

the good and amazing part of Haiti. Some of the images she shared were so amazing that prompted HB to ask her to walk us through the experience:

 I think each person should do their share in telling the story of Haiti and I wanted to use my artistic side to do so when my plans were canceled. In the process I got to eat amazing food taste things that I haven’t tasted before, eat foods that I haven’t eaten since I was a child. I got to visit all the touristic places and swim in blue waters.
By the end of the Summer through my experience, I released my song FEVER and it was well received the reactions were emotional and overwhelming the people really took kindly to my mix of Afrobeat and Caribbean. I wanted to mix different countries all in one song so I featured an artist  from Nigeria one from Haiti which was myself and the ghetto kids from Uganda. I kicked off the dance challenge while I was in Cap Haitien  and to my surprise within hours so many people tag me dancing to the song . I’ve been back to New York for a couple of months now and people are still tagging me and the song is doing tremendously well on all social platforms. 
In regards to shows and performances many promoters from all over have contacted me to book me I decided to push everything for the spring of 2020 just to regain myself Haiti is a full experience mentally spiritually and physically when I came back to the US I had to find my center all over again. Seeing the protest and the manifestation, watching them burn tires throw rocks at people and the frustration in the peoples faces took a toll on me, that I didn’t actually realize until I got back to the states but it reconfirms why I am in the HMI and what my role is and how important my voice is. 
Meeting the people in all the small villages and how excited they were made me realize that my voice matters and I have to be careful what I say and what I do as an artist the culture needs a balance. As artists we all make conscious decisions on who we decide to be in front of the cameras. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has the time to do so but Haiti is not for the faint heart.. we have a lot of work to do collectively to aid the country but the beauty is still apparent. Hope to see you guys at one of my shows kicking off in the spring and I also have new music coming soon 
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