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Interview with founder of L'union Suite

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Social media can be annoying and a pain in the ass oftentimes. People breaking up
and making up, people sharing their daily chores, people sharing their most intimate moments, crazy thing every scroll you make. But sometimes, somehow, a quick visit to Lunion Suite social network can spark joy in our hearts. 
L'union Suite was started by Wanda Tima in October 2011 and it hasn’t stopped growing since. Sharing some of the best stories within the Haitian community. Featuring stories of our HMI and different aspect of our culture. Her mission feels crucial in an a community that lacks happy stories that still struggles for recognition and praise for our rich culture. Wanda is usually the interviewer, but this time HB is the one that have the pleasure of asking her a bunch of questions.
HB- Can you tell our readers about yourself and L'union Suite?
WT- Wanda Tima lives and breathes Haiti through her site L’Union Suite, a digital platform dedicated to Haiti and its diaspora. Reaching 3-5 million weekly, with an engaging community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the people have chosen L’union as their “go-to” for all things Haitian.  Based in Miami, Wanda is a mover and shaker for the Haitian community, staying abreast the developments of the country and its people in music, culture, politics and more. Tima is determined to change the world’s perception of Haiti and its diverse people.”
Outside of her work with L’union Suite, Tima is the US International Brand Manager of TRACE, the #1 Global Brand of Afro-Urban Music & Entertainment. Tima has partnered and worked with Haiti’s top hotels, companies, Haitian-American athletes, celebrities, politicians, Haitian Minister of Tourism and even presidents of Haiti. 
She’s partnered and hosted events for the Superbowl, covered top boxing matches at Barclays in New York, and Mayweather Promotions, in las Vegas. She’s hosted the red-carpet events for BET Hip Hop Awards and BET Awards and continue to work with Top Brands like Spirit Airlines, IHeartRadio, Toast Vodka, The City Of Miami, Florida, Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood and Roc Nation’s Paper Planes.
Describe how did you first get into digital content creation?
WT- Wanda Tima is an award-winning Haitian-Turks Islander media maven raised in South Florida. Excited about her heritage and with a passion to give back; on October 2011, Wanda started “L’union Suite”, a personal project aimed to help other Haitian-Diasporas who wanted to learn more about Haiti and its culture, who often felt disconnected from the experience. 
By December 2011, Wanda co-founded “The Haitian-American” the Facebook page quickly grew to over 100k fans while averaging 5 Million views weekly. Wanda has long realized the need for a better Haiti, and she realized that the solution starts with each one of us. With blogs and posts going viral every day, today L’union Suite is the number one digital platform for Haitian-Diasporas with over 400,000 subscribers and reaches an average of 3-5 million people weekly.
The platform includes, daily social media updates on A Web blog,  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, an Orlando radio show, yearly celebrity fundraising events, monthly podcast show, and have traveled internationally covering events like the Super Bowl, Emmy’s and partnered with celebrities like Karen Civil, Pierre Garcon, Pras Michel, Wyclef Jean, Andre Berto, Mackenzie Alexandre, Mona Scott Young and more, highlighting the best of the best of Haiti and the Haitian culture. On April 30, 2018, Wanda and the L’union Suite opened up their very first computer lab at College Bell Angelot in Cap-Haitien, Haiti and working on opening a second one in 2020.
 HB- What do you think is the best service L'union Suite provide to the community?
WT- L’union Suite serves as a movement for young Haitians to not only find inspiration in the positive work of their countrymen but to come together and form a community capable of creating change and controlling their own narrative. At the Core of The Haitian American and L’ Union Suite. We seek above all else to provide Haiti to the world in the accurate and authentically Haiti’s way. We’ve assisted in changing the global image of Haiti by changing the viewpoint of the people who are Haitians, and Haitian hyphen anyone who will listen and log on to our page, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram We’ve assist in making tourists. We curate experiences to share for the world to see. The world in return becomes more likely to give, more like to spend and more likely to share with those who will spend and/or give. That’s one of the facets of L’ Union Suite.
How do you manage time to run Lunion Suite efficiently?
As of 2017, Lunion Suite is part of a few different platforms under L’union Media Group, LLC. I quit my day job and fully dedicated my time to my platforms and career in media.
wanda inside
HB- What do you think is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to L'union Suite? 
WT- Consistency, Keeping up with the market, listening to the readers and staying current. 
HB- How do you want to improve L'union Suite in the next 5 years?
 WT- I am definitely a planner and I have a lot of different things on my vision board. It’s my personal vision board that includes a section for personal growth, career growth, family, and influence. I love the direction the company is going. One of my biggest goals right now is to operate as a full-blown digital media company with employees all over the world while creating a space where people can work in an atmosphere where they love what they do and make a global impact for our country and culture. I want to work with more companies who are willing to provide financial support to create jobs for people and students in Haiti and work more with the youth in Haiti. As far as the rest, Skies is the limit. 
 HB- What was your greatest failure and what did you learn from that?
WT- I don’t really believe in failure. I think anything that doesn’t work out for me, either wasn’t supposed to, wasn’t supposed to at that particular time or created an opportunity for me to excel in a different way or learn something new. 
HB- Tell me about your proudest achievement? Who has impacted you most and how?
WT- Being able to raise money and opening our 1st computer lab in a school in Cap-Haitien, Haiti. The most poignant moment of the day was when one of the oldest students, who is also top of his class told Mrs. Tima, “You know why we are even more thankful to you? You made us a promise and you actually came back and kept your word.”
The fact that I grew up not knowing much about my culture, my country and being able to go back to the same country and give back to the students who will play a major role in being the change they want to see for Haiti is the most impactful thing I think I’ve been able to do with my platform.
What is your greatest achievement outside of Lunion Suite?
Outside of my work with L’union Suite, I’m very proud to have graduated high school at 16, the first to graduate from college in my family, I am a proud family-oriented person, who do as much as I can to spend time with my family. As of December 2019, I am happy to say, I am the new U.S International Brand Manager of TRACE, the #1 Global Brand of Afro-Urban Music & Entertainment.
 HB- You did your first event in NY last fall “Celebrity bowling”, where did that idea come from?
WT- L ‘Union Suites’ “Strike for Education” is a South Florida fundraising event launched in 2015 to give back to the students in Haiti. The bowling tournament was originally an opportunity for me to raise money and give to other organization in the U.S to support Haitian students. As of 2017, we decided to focus on Cap-Haitien by bringing celebrities out to bowl alongside the community for the betterment of students in Haiti through technology. 
 In 2017, we opened our first computer lab at College Bell Angelot in Cap-Haitien. In 2018, we hosted a Women in Media tour which included spending a day of giving back to the female students at Institut Sacré-Cœur du Cap-Haïtien. The Influencers included singer Dawn Richards; BET correspondent Amanda Booz; Mecca Moore, the owner and publisher of THINK PYNK and PYNK Branded LLC; singer and reality TV star Azia Toussaint; recording artist Steph Lecor; actress and entrepreneur Shelah Marie Rhoulhac; Sandy Pierre, a marketing specialist at Hearst Integrated Media; and Selena from Black Enterprise. In 2019, we hosted our very first and sold out Strike for Education New York. Thanks to the sold-out event, we can continue working on raising funds to open computer labs throughout the province of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. 
wanda inside2
WT- I absolutely love Netflix and chill days and nights. When I need to completely unwind from work, I’m either cooking or cleaning, which I find relaxing, watching Netflix movies and eating all day or spending time with my friends and family. 
  HB- What was the most challenging moment in your L'union Suite journey so far?
 WT- Trying to turn a passion project to a career with no formal business training and having to take as many courses and webinars as possible to learn everything to build this from the ground up. I’ve spent countless hours learning everything from business 101, marketing 101, content creation 101, social media, shooting video, editing and even building my own websites. Consistently involve being current, so trying to stay abreast of everything Haitian around the world whether people reach out and send us content or not have been challenging. While we operate like we have a team of 10, the last few years, it’s been 100% me and a few people in and out working with us. 2019 was the first year I had a team of people over 5. One of the most challenging may be our lack of financial support or investors and creating new ways to financially keep the brands up daily.  
 HB- How do you motivate yourself to keep L'union Suite up and running?
 WT- I pray 10 times a day!  
 HB- Do you have any specific goals for the rest of this year?
Last year, we launched a Radio show in Orlando and this year a new series called “Girlfriends In” a series to curate events to empower women throughout the country. I hope to grow these two new platforms into two very successful branches of the L’union Media Group. 
HB- Did you have any professional help, or did you create L'union Suite yourself?
WT- When I started L’union Suite, it was a hobby, along the way it became a brand and now, it’s a business. I’ve had to take time into now learning a business I didn’t plan to be in. Learning social media management, blogging, building my own website, creating content, building a team, and learning how to operate as an actual business.
I was a one-woman team for over four years, traveling, building a brand, spending every dime I had investing in myself to assure I had built a brand our supporters would love and appreciate, and business and entrepreneurs would be happy to invest in.
There was no blueprint on how to build a business and a brand on simply loving your culture and country, so I worked 20-hour days and seven days a week and took every course/webinar I could find and communicate with anyone who was willing to teach me the business.
Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?
After seven eight years, L’Union Suite has caught the attention of many celebrities, from Karen Civil, Hip Hop artists, NFL players to even Haiti’s Presidents. I’ve had the pleasure to cover events like Kompa Fest, Haiti Tech Summit, Haitian Roundtable, Haitian Ladies Brunch, hosted President Jovenel Moise in Miramar, Florida, covered speaking engagement for President Obama and first Lady Michelle Obama, to covering the Emmys, Floyd Mayweather TMT fights,  two Superbowl’s, an Oscars afterparty, BET Awards,  and as of recent The 51st NAACP image awards interview the best in Black Hollywood and so much more. I think my most excited event, may have been my invitation to be at the White house for Caribbean Heritage month in 2017. 
HB_ Would you encourage other people to do what you do?
WT- I encourage everyone to always dream big, chase your dreams, dream in color, build a team supporter who even if they don’t understand your goals, will support you unconditionally through it. I think the most important thing I have learned and take with me throughout my journey is to make sure whatever you do in this life, it is aligned with passion and purpose, because there are going to be days where you simply want to quit and your passion and purpose are going to be the only fuel left to keep you driven.
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