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Nu Look: My Time

After 3 years hiatus, the gifted Nulook group finally grants us new
materials: My Time. After listening to the first three singles, I wasn't that impressed until I got to listen to the entire album over and over. I attentively listened with no prejudice to not erroneously grade it unfairly. This album is an attribute to all compa lovers and konpa nuts like myself. That being said let me begin to cumulatively and fairly analyze every song of My Time.
Nulook Time: 
This is one of the reasons why I despise the "joure type of song". Why a well balanced, fresh, very groovy uptempo, well-constructed song like this one has to  contain words that pertain to an individual or whoever? Not because others do it why Nulook has to follow the lead.  To stay above the fray, Nulook has to be unique. Apparently, maestro Arly feels otherwise. Aside from the personal attacks, this uptempo song has what it takes to get a crowd on their feet, catchy chorus, great horn arrangements.  What happened to Laporte?  Nonetheless, this is a well-composed hardcore konpa direk that I can say for certain is one of the many great songs on this album. 
Great love song. Nice work by Laporte. This is is an everlasting real konpa direk rhythm as we know it, and very gouyad like. The vocal challenge that Arly Lariviere has been subject to has finally been put to rest. I attentively listen to the high and low keys of Arly's voice to detect the imperfection, to no avail. He seems to adhere to the formula of a natural born singer. The switch is an automatic hit song on this CD. I like it a lot. Hit # 1.
Pa Swete Male on lot:
Another uptempo song addressing the enemy. This one has great potential to create a buzz. If Nulook decides next year to enter the MardiGras arena, just speed it up and this is as good as a merengue song. Not bad at all. 
A great duet by the legendary Kassav front man Jean-Philippe Marthely and Arly Lariviere. In addition, there is clearly a thunderstorm of great horn sections. This is by far the best song on this cd. Arly holds his own vis-a-vis of Jean-Philippe Marthely. The orchestration is impeccable. The ban deye did justice to that song with the combination of the horns. Good job Nulook. Hit # 2.
Ton anniversaire:
Nice mid-tempo song. Smooth, fresh, qualitative and seductive. However, there is a reminder of "Ain't got no worries" in the chorus line. Other than that, This song is well put together. It has a potential to become hit # 3.
Daddy's little girl:
This is a smooth song that applies to all fathers who love their little princesses. This song reminds me of the great Charles Aznavour in:" Ma fille". Laporte should have used an acoustic guitar for his solo. The king of plenyin has reason to cry out loud in that song for his little girl. Superb and beautifully done. I gracefully appreciate the lyrics because of my own little princess.
Haiti, quel espoir:
Nothing new here, this is the plague of a nation that has been addressed over and over by so many others artists in the HMI. After a while, this becomes boring and redundant. Frankly, I am tired of the social complaint. Something has to be done. Period. Nothing personal Nulook. Great passage by the icon Dejean on the trumpet. Nicely orchestrated.
C'est complique:
I like the guitar underneath Arly's voice and the continuous silky sound of it as the song progresses. The infatuation of the keyboard solo is also calibrated measurably to the rhythm of a well-balanced konpa love song. I think lyrically, Arly is very gifted with words. This composition is a reflection of an engaged artist with an eternal gift. 
Until when:
Subliminally superb. This is an Arly's signature of konpa love. Rayi chin yan min dil dan blan. I believe this is a song for a man, woman or whoever someone is in love with who tends to take for granted the love and the emotions of the other. This is somewhat complicated due to personal sentiments also sad and melancholic to listen but as far as dancing, bon konpa. Plenyin or not this is what Arly does best. Hit # 4.
Rien que toi:
This is a song with grit for lovers. Arly is singing and speaking directly to the women who are also his greatest audience and fans. I can foresee the ladies pulling him off stage just to get a piece of him. I declare this one Hit # 5.
M'Bezwen on zanmi:
I am confused here because the previous album "I got this", Arly was burned by friends as he clearly enumerated on" I got This CD". I guess some friends are pretenders but those names cited on this song are his true friends. This is a song just written to pay homage to his core soldiers who always out taking the fight to the enemy camps. This is not a song for the general public. The Nulook seals are rewarded for their insults on others. SMH!!!
That Girl:
Hmmm!!! I guess when someone is doing business on a large scale one has to target different market segments to bring the $$$$$. Other than that, this is a song for the DJ market. Not much of real a konpa song, not Nulook like. And then again to each his own, too weak for my taste.
Thank you NuLook for adding another cd to my collection. I know it takes time, money and countless takes to produce and record 12 songs.  I expected the crescendo of this CD to have been more symbolic than it is. Nonetheless, the ingenuity and the inspiration of MY TIME are great values that I intend to listen and I will cherish for a long time. I hope that my analysis of this project is fair and nondiscriminatory. 
Good luck Nulook and be well. Konpa Direk devan.
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