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Klass: Fel Ak tout Kèw

As everyone knows this album is the one that will legitimize Klass
not as one of the leading bands in the business but the one.
Let me begin with this review by saying that the total of songs on this CD as far as I am concerned, it's too many. However, the fans and the kompa lovers are the beneficiaries. That being said,
"Fel ak tout kew:
Is a big winner but the song could have been better off without the audio intro. "Mega Hit."
Map Marye"
Is a song for lovers. Mega Hit. Great vocal, great lyrics, and a soft Kompa orchestration. If I weren't already married I would have to get married pretty soon with that song in mind. Lol.
I am not laughing out loud. It's a title of the song or "Pa Fiye". Well, I have heard that story over and over but to officially put it together in a wicked hit song like this oh my Goodness! God have mercy! From beginning to end I am captivated and played that track over and over. Superb!
"I am Sorry":
Is a song that brought me back to a sad time in my life when I was unable to sustain the outcome of a pregnant ex-girlfriend of mine when I was in my early twenties. It's ironic how a touchy subject like this can be put into song while the outcome is so tragic.
"Range Chitaw"
It should have been the title of the album. Huge Hit. That's a hit song hands down. It's all about the joy of our musicians. Imagine the world without music! This song is also an homage to Nemours Jean Baptiste and others who paved the way so the public can have a well-deserved divertissement with our music Kompa Direk.
So: "Let's Make it Work"
Is one of the songs that vilifies Zouk and the commercial interest for young club goers. That song is all about supply and demand. I can dig it but too slow for my liking. Yet another hit song.
"Amwe Sekou":
Is another social song like "Priorite" that is seeking the conviction of a people in dire needs for a real economic change and our status in the world as a people. Then comes the powerful voice of Pipo showcasing his forever talent in this soft rock and roll rendition of the band Journey. I am also totally perplexed as far as what maestro Richie was able to do with it. Bravo!
"An Piblik"
This is another hit song also a trademark of Richie like "Move siyal". A gouyad song all the way. I like the club sound of it. I can't wait for the live version.
"Il est Friday or Thanks, God it's Friday:
Well, if I were born a Dominican I would have fully enjoyed it. That song sounds too much alike of other Dominican merengue ones. It's solid and well put together song but not for my taste.
"Lajan Sere"
what an introduction! If this is not a hit U.N. I don't know what is.Oh sweet so sweet song! The Trumpet, the chorus, and the far away sound of the keyboard in the background. Pipo! Wow! I love that song because it speaks to my soul. That's a masterpiece of konpa love song. I love it.
In all, this album is a victory tour for Klass as the trending band in the industry. This album contains great hit songs for all walks of life young and old. Richie as always displayed his ingenuity with the help of his surroundings namely Nickson Mesidor, Pipo, Pozo, the invited guests and the rest of Klass team.
The formula and the promotion that worked on the first album will certainly work again due to an exponentially well-devoted bunch to the industry and the music. In conclusion, I concur that average and great  do exist. Klass and company are well on their way to greatness as long as they keep this trajectory with follow up improvements.
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