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Klass: Ret lan liy ou

For some "Konpa Direk" is on one leg and for others, "Konpa Direk has
a long way to go. That being said let’s rediscover that sweet music in "Ret nan liy ou (stay in your lane) by Klass.
Ret nan liy ou: Stay in your lane!
This is a hot rhythmic song that captivates the ears and brings the impulses of the hips. The accomplished texts of that song that tell a story while also jabbing at the competition. And the commanding voice of Mr. Stanis does justify the means of that song. The rap verse by Pozo’s son "Masterbrain" and the volatile bass player in Nicky solder that sweet konpa music.  What makes this tune revealing is the formal identity of a well-balanced konpa direk of yesteryears. An A+ for sure.
Bouché twou vid! Cover all corners!
Another fast-paced well-orchestrated song that makes the doubters of konpa direk redirect their ungrateful cynicism of this music genre. Richie and company with their fundamental acumen, once again make konpa direk relevant and coherent. I hope the absence of one’s ear and the sense of appreciation of well thoughtful music is not a measuring stick to solidify the beauty of the beast: konpa direk. This one is definitely A+.
Blakawout! Love is blind!
It's all about Love. Once again this song is a true demonstration of how a simple issue can be defined and detailed in a well constructed, and disciplined context. Although, textually "Bouché twou" resembles Blakawout but substantially differs rhythmically. This one is a  slow tempo but chic and elegant that can make one dance voluptuously. So sweet... yes it is.
Kliké sou li! Click on it!
As we come to be, we love and we die.  So this is an auspicious song that encapsulates love, harmony and the conundrum of the loving hearts. I love the equilibrium of the song from start to finish and I put that one on a replay motion which plays in my head afterward. It’s enticing. Furthermore, the cumulative orchestration of the instruments and the harmonization of the warm voice of Mr. Stanis are certainly the ice on the cake.  Great song! A+ klass!
Kout Papa! Not My child!
If we remember: Pitit Déyò” on their debut album then "Kout papa" is the equivalent of that song but with a twist. The DNA factor. The rhythm is also different. The Afrobeat is being served by klass and the verses by the well known, who else: Richard Herard the prodigy.  This is a club song with all the ingredients to bounce a crowd for sure. If one is not accustomed to Afrobeat, please, find out and you will be glad you do. It' is also a sad story but more often than that it's also very factual and hurtful.
However, as we dance to it, the joy is in the rhythm and the collaboration of the dancing partner.
Lanmou pafè (perfect: Ed Sheeran)
This is a cover song by klass but klass plays it with such utopia that one can wonder if there’s really perfection in loving someone. This is a magnificent slow tempo konpa direk that makes one push up their chest up and down while the hips are doing its things. I like the bridge that connects the rest of the song. Ed Sheeran will not be disappointed. Great arrangement and musically great balancing act. A-
Respekté Fanm! Respect Women!
What a catchy chorus to begin with on an Afrobeat! "Ti blòdè saw genyen ak Liména". Domestic violence is a subject that is often hidden in the Haitian community. For some men putting hands on a woman is a symbolic gesture of manhood. However, we know better. It's a childish and cowardice act. Besides the mischievous nature of woman battery, this uptempo and club-like song is well put together which can travels to one's spine and makes one sweat like a soaking towel. This song should be playing at the end of a live event. Awesomely done Klass. Bravo.
Joyeux Noël! Merry Christmas!
A traditional song that so many poor children in the motherland have no way of knowing what is Christmas due to lack of basic necessities.  This is totally a white man made festivity to populate income. Nonetheless, El Pozo, Richie, Pipo and the rest of the guys tell a story as they see fit. The song is truly melancholic as if it wasn’t made to dance or to indulge. This song reminds me of the many facets of misery facing Haitian people.
There’s nothing nefarious about klass unless you’re an obtuse individual to think otherwise. Great music is great music and that’s their mantra. I totally respect this group for their endurance and their endeavor to bring joy to my ears and heart. I hope this is a mutual sentiment towards the public at large.
Thank you klass for keeping konpa direk relevant today and for years to come. Keep up the great accomplishments.
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