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Harmonik: Degagé

My wish is that Harmonik stops that superficial intro which means
absolutely nothing to the album as a whole.  Get to the music will you? 
That being said, let's digest this CD one song at a time. 
1- Cherie benyen'm: Babe give me a bath!
Wow! The sexual nature and the vibration of the entire song are truly voluptuous and harmonious. MacD crystallizes his artistic vibe that can tremble a woman to her core. The guy who we come to know as the "dwet celes la" or Godly fingers, does naturally lead the pack. Sanders's contribution is fundamentally superb with his country touches harmonically contagious following MacD on the mic.  An acoustic guitar sound would definitely do justice to this song. Nonetheless, it's cleverly and harmonically done as in harmonik. If anyone hasn't watched the video. Hmmm, MacD Jwen wi with that model. A lot of young guys wished they were Mac D on this video. Well done. "Hit".
2- Imparfait: Imperfect!
That song does resemble Cherie benyen'm. This is the danger of konpa love song because of their slowness. Don't get me wrong now. This is a very good song that has a potential to become a successful one that I can put on repeat. The lyrics are on point Mac D establishes himself as one of leading men in the business. The bass player gets my attention. No drum machine which is a plus and what happens to Sanders? 
3-Men bon an:  Harmonik is that good!
This is more like it. I envision that uptempo song moving a crowd in the club and in February on Champ-De-Mars. Mikaben to the rescue for sure. The rap lyrics kind of weak but the warmth was needed to wake me up. Sanders finally shows up.  
4- Enpotans: Importance!
This is another song that has the propulsion to compete for its place in the world of great orchestration. The lead singer brings life to it.   The horn section is flawless. This is what a great konpa song is supposed to sound like. Bravo Harmonik.
5- Pap negosye'w: I don't negotiate my girl!
If one remembers how Harmonik becomes Harmonik, its because of a song like this one which reminds me of "Deception" by Nickenson Prud'Homme. If I haven't declared a song a hit one yet on this CD then this is the one but I already did.  Haha! Here how I describe this one: Beauty, silky, vibrant, colorful, harmoniously Harmonik. Furthermore,  Nickenson shows all of us why he is the X-factor as a producer in the HMI.  Sensibly done.
6- Fe mwen konfyans: Trust me!
A well-known artist has explored a similar subject in a beautiful song but this time around, Sanders is describing a man who is in love with someone daughter and wants nothing but the blessing of her father. Sanders doesn't show up as much as he did in prior Harmonik albums as far as guitar leads are concerned, however, vocally, he warms up the hearts of the ladies and his fans must be proud of his delivery. 
7-Move tan: Bad time!
As we all know that Harmonik is known for their konpa love songs. Somehow, I come to appreciate their mid-tempo song as well. This song reveals their versatility. The sad thing is that the subject matter in this song by Harmonik and by other bands becomes so exploitative as if Haiti's condition is a source of inspiration for negativity. Helas!!!
8- Simplicity: Simplicity!
I gracefully appreciate this song. The work by Sanders on the lead guitar and his majestic voice are frankly coherent and vivacious. It's about time. This song can bring back to anyone in love some deep memory of completeness in a relationship. Simplicity is a virtue to all. This song is armed with beautiful melodies and the instrument arrangements are such an admirable attribute to Harmonik talents. The trademark of Nickenson and Sanders are remarkably inspirational. This is poetically done. This is a Hit song by all means. Love it. Bravo Harmonik.
9- Incroyable: Incredible!
The flavor of this song is once again is a revelation of "Obsession" where deep emotions are nonchalant. The acoustic guitar touches by Sanders reveals the authentic prowess of the man. All three guys deliver this tender loving song with grit. Sanders on the guitar is who I come to hear and appreciate as a great rhythmic.  The fingers of the man who changed the keyboardist game are surreal. This is a song for the loving ears, hearts, souls and lovers.  A savourous and philharmonic konpa love song. This is a Hit song for sure. Magnificently done Harmonik.
10- Degaje: Let me try!
The intro of this song is kind of confusing but If an uptempo song is the missing-link for Harmonik, the more they engage the more they will fine tune that part of their repertoire. Sanders comes up a bit "siwel" as far ar as the lead guitar is concerned. MacD has full control of the uptempo mission. The bass player is collaboratively equipped to steer the band as required as well as the drummer. The title of this album should have been: "Benyenm" Cherie not "Degaje". My complaint is that, when it's necessary, the horn section is relative to studio recording but disappears completely in live performances. My guess is that the shortcut is convenient because of the economic factor of today's market for certain konpa band format. Overall, this is a well-calibrated song with a hardcore Konpa motion which will enhance their music library for sure. Good job Harmonik.
The effort to bring a pristine album as a trademark by Nickenson and company is inarguably very important to Harmonik due to the saturated market of great albums in 2016. This album may not be as great as what started the Harmonik evolution but it has a strategic place in the market for a music lover like myself especially: Konpa Direk. Thank you Harmonik.
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