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TVICE: Nou Tounnen Pi Fò

It has been a long wait for Vice2K since their Reloaded album
two years ago. They just released new materials on this new CD titled: "Nou Tounen Pi Fo" meaning we are back in full force.  Is that so? Let's see!!!
1) Nou Tounen Pi Fo: We are back in full force. 
At the beginning of this track, I wasn't so sure if my ears would have been able to tolerate the entire five-plus minutes of my time. As the track progresses, the flammable orchestration of such a bang-up song  curbs my curiosity.  The fast paced track with some eclectic keyboard touches by Reynaldo, the trademark of Roberto using the high chords of his guitar, and  yes the bass player is harmonically impressive.  Thus, this song grows on me so I call this track a flashback and a bang for the buck. Hit # 1.
2) Ou poko Flanne la: You are not a cool guy yet.
Tvice fans must be elated when they hear their band savagely re-enter the cutthroat arena  of the HMI with a solid track like this one.  This one is a follow-up of Tounen pi fo, very rhythmic with the continuation of some defined work by Reynaldo. I am not sure who is on guitar # 2 but I am liking the trajectory of this band if this is the new Tvice model. This song is a pending hit song that will eventually make his way to the public at large. Roberto may not be one of the great vocalists,  but he is a household name like those of past generations.  He has been holding his own for over 20 years now. So stop the notion that the man can't hold a note.  Disclaimer: I am not a Tvice fan but I can appreciate talents.
3) Ou renmen sa: You like that.
This is a sensual story that encapsulates the intimacy of a couple exploring and exchanging their sweet spots of sexuality. Especially, the guy doing what any lover boy is supposed to do. This is very soothing and "Zouking" song. I like it a  lot. This song is one repeat.  Hit # 2.
4) Se pa sa: That's not it.
This is a song for any generation. I like the club and the African flavor to it. JPerry is at it again. This track is cleverly executed to captivate the international market. Hit# 3. 
5) This time it's for real.
That's my song. Please listen to this one carefully. The great guitar work and the horns section make my day. OhOh. Mwen jwen tout bon. This is hands down a great track that has been written with a melomane in mind like myself.  It would have been really nice to have a female vocal doing a duet with Roberto.  That being said,  Hit # 4, on my playlist and on repeat.
6) Voye Monte: Talk is cheap.
Another sweet and savourous track for the clubbers. Anpil yayad. This is a very sexy song with an option to cause havoc in the Zouk world. I am not a fan of the zouk genre but I am getting to appreciate the world of 5lan and others. 
7) J'en ai marre. I have enough.
Although this is a song about a guy tired of his girl being a nag all the time, the flip side of that, I and others get to enjoy the vicissitudes of the story because of the inspiration that embodies the beautiful melodies and the volatile harmony of the song. The delivery by Roberto is vocally appreciative as well as the sound of the high chords on his guitar which becomes his trademark. The work of the second guitar is truly a complementary.  Good orchestration. Like I said the new era of the 5lan is getting to me, Damnit. Hit # 5.
8) Konfli: Conflict.
No disrespect Tvice, but those  are the songs that lyrically I am so tired of. Even an election our people are incapable of instituting. Nonetheless, the sad part is that I and others will dance to the track and forget the dire situation of our brothers and sisters because the song is on point. Reynaldo is at the helm as the music director continues to hit the right notes, as well as the bass player and the drummer. On the other hand, as an artist or a citizen, I can't argue with the fact that someone has to echo the plague of our people but enough is enough. We need to get our house in order. Great song.
9) Moving on.
This is a great subject matter that becomes the costly distraction of a family unit. A divorce is truly mischievous for those who have been to it or who is going through it. This is a great song with grit and eloquence and the video is also superb . Bravo for a song that can speak to all of us at one point or another. 
10) Eske ou renmen mwen: Do you love me?
If that song was playing on a radio and I didn't know it was Tvice, I would have a hard time recognizing it as Tvice.  Then again, when I hear the quick fingers of guitar player then it's no brainer. This young singer Reginald Toussaint delivers that song with grace. The talent is raw but captivating. This song needs just a little bit of zest then it will grow on the public pretty soon.
11) Back to the Groove.
WOW, beginning to end. This is back to the future Konpa Direk. These guys are on fire, seriously? Tvice you guys are killing me here. I salute you for this track. Hit # 6. This is what Konpa Direk was meant to sound like. This a reload of the Vice of yesteryears. WOW.
Great Job Vice2K keep up the good work. Konpa Direk Devan!!!
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