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VAYB: Game Over

If you’re looking for a good old album to tap your feet or bounce your
head, wait no longer. VAYB has just released a 13 songs CD that is capable to stain this year the HMI.
Beginning with the intro, Michael Guirand and his crew are out to prove a point. It’s up to the public to buy or sell.
Game Over:
This track is substantially important for VAYB to bring out the old enthusiastic Carimi fans. It’s like the song Buzz. I really like that track because it is related by grooves and orchestration to that Carimi we came to like and applaud, at the exception of the second guitar that didn’t appear to be as groovy as in Konpa Direk. Nonetheless, the lead guitar is on point as in Remy of the old Carimi. As well as the keyboardist and the bass player, Mr. Nixon of Klass. Bravo!
Fòm Alé: I must go.
This is a very cool and refreshing love song. The delivery of Michael Guirand is as clear as a whistle. Especially when he takes us in a higher pitch to the bridge that the guitar licks reinforce with a wicked rift.  And underneath of it, the whole band is comfortably complying harmoniously. The bass player’s touch reminds me of another band that I come to like a lot. I have yet to hear a true groove from the second guitar as opposed to just glide his fingers on the cords. 
Poto: stood me up.
From the start, I sensibly noticed the work being perpetuated by those musicians. I begin to notice the distance between the veterans and the youths taking shape to a renewable of the old and new Konpa grooves. Yet, another love song with a contrast of not being in a relationship but being stood up before a union can actually emerge. I was hoping to hear more horns Instead of a short breeze of a trumpet. Nonetheless, this a nice song with futuristic arrangements to be great. Not bad at all!
One night stand: yon sèl soiré
I am sold by the vibe of that VAYB crew. The duet is superbly executed by MG and Roody R. The conformity of the group to the revival of the konpa direk is strongly pronounced. Who’s on the keyboard? I am totally interested if this is the work of Jean-Max or the wicked touch of another young talent. This is a well-orchestrated passion konpa love song. Love it!
Kitém Vayb: Let me hang with VAYB.
Finally, the groove of the second guitar is here. The lead guitar and the keyboard totally take control rhythmically to make this song a hit. If anyone knew what Carimi brought to the industry, then you’ll know VAYB is about to break a wall with a laser-sharp rhythm. Shabba as always a beast with his rock-solid spit on this track. This is a great uptempo song with similarities to Game Over. Bravo!
Ou pa nan plas mwen: you’re not in my shoes.
So far so good as Zouk seems to be nonexistent in VAYB repertoire. The second guitar is noticeable by now with that old konpa feel. It’s appreciated for sure. I am totally happy to witness the strong showing of konpa Direk by VAYB.  I am also tormented by the lack of horn lines on this album. Considering Shedlly and Jean-Max know what the horns section mean to konpa direk. That being said, I have to accept the economic and the evolution factors of Konpa direk music and its survival.
Jé ferai: I will do.
This is a song produced for closeness and the passion of the human heart. Capricious and volatile, I got to give an A+ for lyrics and orchestration. A female voice on the duet could have been a symbolic gesture but VAYB seems not to want to repeat his counterpart for the sake of being uniquely VAYB. The band is totally in sync and it shows in its simplicity how each song is produced. However, the danger of these bands, they tend to sound alike without the horn plays. Great job.
Nou nan lari a: We're in the streets.
Wow! I must say as a debut album, there is merit to predict that VAYB is here to make some loud noise in the Industry. The young lead guitar player has done his homework. The second guitar finally got it. The bass player is rocking that song and frantically hit me to my bones. Damn it! This is so freaking uptempo good. I already foresee the manifestation of the fans in a live performance. Hit # 2.
Lanmou fasil: Easy love.
From the moment that I heard that song, I know it was a Hit. There was also some noise regarding its source. I was also taken by the nostalgia of a great ensemble that was Carimi. Luckily, the breakups of Carimi gave us two fabulous bands, first KAI and now VAYB which prolong the legacy of Carimi. This song is a great tune due to its wit and configuration.  It was also the pathway for MG to flex his muscles in the business as an artist for years to come. Hit # 3.
Sé wè wa wè nou: You can only see us.
This is one those songs where you want to sing along. The collaboration by other artists brings a refreshing climate to this album and a chance to be acquainted with them. I smile knowing that VAYB is up to the challenges ahead. Although, this track a bit Zouky, I concur that the passage of the lead guitar reminds me of a song by a well-known band called HMK.  Very well done.
A mwatyé: 50% Love.
I feel like dancing because of the soothing rhythm of that subtle track. I can feel and hear the groove between the two guitars that makes konpa direk a rhythm music genre. It seems like MG is enjoying every note and every melody like I do.  How sweet it is! The young guitar player, I hear you loud an clear. This is a soft and a well-produced track. 
Ou sou Tchèk: You are checking me out.
My ears and my body are competing for attention. Should I stand to move my body or sitting down and listen to the song? Freak that, I am doing both because of the beauty and the harmonious feel of that tune.  My Goodness, I am totally feeling every note. the soft and the positive vocal chord of the singer leaves me with that R&B twist. 
Ralanti: Slowdown.
This is a remake of the Luis Fonsi, Despacito. I don't think it was necessary to have that track on this album because there are enough songs to support their repertoire as a start. I give VAYB a B for their effort.
I greatly appreciate the work done on this album. However, this is the beginning for VAYB. VAYB can't be complacent at all.  I expect the second album to be more polished and more on the spectrum of great Konpa Direk band.
My final note: whether you are a KAI or VAYB fan, don't sweat it because the true winner here is Konpa Direk.
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