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KAÏ: "Champion".

The HMI at its foundation always has been the onslaught of
musical bands. Going from Carimi to KAI is no surprise to us all.
Now with the new release of KAI album, Richard Cavé is out to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with.
Let's see if KAI has what it takes to survive this market worth noting the relevance of so many great ones on the market as we speak.
The intro:
This intro is a contradiction in terms. A chain consists of several links. One link can be broken and repaired but when the links are broken with animosity in so many places, the repeat repairs aren't sustainable. Carlo is gone. Michael is on his way to form his own band. Richard has KAI. This is a cliché friendship as far as I am concerned.
This song like others on this CD at its core is nothing else but a Carimi 2.0. From beginning to end, I was anticipating the new sound or lack thereof of "Nou fè yon lot bagay" but it's Carimi all over again. This is not a knock on KAI or Richard but it's just a fact. The guitar line, as well as the keyboard, don't propel me to say otherwise. The keyboardist has potential to be great. This uptempo track sung by Mikaben is on point minus Michael Guirand. The horn section is a plus considering Carimi never explored that possibility. On the scale of 1 to 10, I give this one an 8. Good job.
If no one can discover the il nana similarity in that song, that means, one needs to go back to the memory lane and rediscover Carimi of old. This is a sweet and soft Zouk song that brings the gouyad into play. This track is surely made for the Zouk crowd and the young club goers who likes the sweet gouyad on the dance floor. Richard Cave, please give me something to work with. This is another track by 5Lan which is a continuation of studio tracks. Give me a beat and I will add some lyrics and some chorus then we have a song.
Kité ménaj ou:
This is my song. I rediscover the wicked guitar sound of you know what. Richard just gave something to work with. RC puts his original signature on that song. Mikaben solidifies that track for me as well. The guitar play is a testament to what Carimi was and what KAI will be in the near future. I give this one an A.
Wow!!! This is a huge song that will last for years. Rutchelle Guillaume and Richard Cavé killed it. The duet is truly a demonstration of two beautiful voices, good combination of the high and the low pitch. The inspiration of that song encapsulates deep emotions that speak to anyone deeply in love. Like they say, we always hurt the ones we love. The harmonious guitar arrangement and the keyboard participation channel the grandiose of a beautiful song that makes me play this song over and over. If RC would have a skipped a chorus segment and let guitar lead for a couple minutes, this would have been it. Nonetheless, this is a gorgeous love song. I love it.
Nou nan KAI la:
I am still looking for yon lot bagay but to no avail. This is one of those songs where an artist is in direct conversation with another. This uptempo and funky rhythm is a celebration of what made
Carimi a great bunch. That being said, I like the velocity of the orchestration: "piké devan" which can totally provoke a crowd to jump up and down. Nicely done.
This song is the most important song on this album because of the original signature inspiration of RC.  It reminds me of the great melodies that RC brought to Carimi. The lyrics juxtaposed nicely and aligned to reflect the melancholy and the suffering of a crying heart. However, it is also a reminiscence of previous songs and everyday emotions from a man to a woman or vice versa that we often express in our daily life. At times I wonder if the keyboard lead is what makes RC to say nou fè lot bagay. There is less and less guitar lead which is a part of this music genre. This song is important for KAI because it keeps the Carimi fans engaged with RC/KAI. This is a solid song as in Carimi 2.0.
If I were to describe this one, I would say like many bands, the album has to be filled so this song is a contribution to that factor. As we all know RC is a great producer, artist. He can sing and write which he relentlessly did on this album. Nonetheless, there is more work to be done. This song doesn't cut it for me.
Tou maré:
This is one is without a doubt a beauty. RC started it then AC puts his final touches on it. The infectious melody and harmony capture my imagination to a great place I call Love. This is one of those songs that makes one close his or her eyes and imagine the world without turmoil and Donald Trump, just the two of us. Alan Cavé like always is the master of sweet and silky,  Zouky Zouk songs. He did it
again.  On a scale 1 to 10, this is a 10. Well done! A reminder of C pa pou dat album.
 Levé Pye'w:
Oh yes, this a funky and wicked song that addresses the misfortune of a country. If one is just dancing or jumping up and down, not paying attention to the actual situation of Haiti, one will have no idea the dire situation of a people. I finally get to hear the guitar lead that konpa as a rhythm musical genre meant to be.
Mikaben, as we all know by now, is multi-talented. He delivered that song in a heavy package to Carimi and KAI fans front door. We all can depict the different facades of his versatility. Mikaben is uptempo, midtempo, slow tempo, and rap. Job well done KAI.
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