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Ti Manno

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I learned the rudiment of music at Freres de l’instruction Chretienne Primary School. As a teenager, I was part of my neighborhood group. 


I later joined a group from St Marc and performed as keyboardist, guitar player, and percussionist. 


In the early 70’s I migrated to Boston and with Ricot Mazarin formed a band there. 


In 1978, after touring with another band, I decided to take residence in Port-Au-Prince. 


As I grew as a singer with a popular band, I can make you jump, bend down, and remove your shirt, raise your hand, laugh and cry. I became a social phenomenon. 


In 1981,I left a very papular band and founded my own band. 


You continue to enjoy my music today...and my name is Antoine Rossini Jean-Baptiste, aka Ti Manno.