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Andre Dejean

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A trumpet virtuoso, my playing style is full with creative leaps, joyous melodies and driving rhythms. My playing technique coupled with my long practice session, allow me to vividly express my individualism without compromising the band essence. In my long career, I have accompanied great vocalists like Nelson Ned and Ansy Desrose. I wrote or arranged many  hits songs such as: Marina, Arrete, Mots Creoles, Malere, Debake, Leon, L'Humanite, Cote Menage Ou, Macaron, and Gladia. I can fluctuate between “La foi”, a song of Christian sensibility to “Naide” of Voodoo overtone. 

From the early 60’s until today, I have not lost my touch. To support my statement I must relate this fact: Not long ago, I went to a music store in Manhattan to buy a trumpet. I picked this beautiful trumpet and went on to test its efficiency. I started to play a solo from Marina song. All the great musicians that were in the store were seduced by the purity and the elegance of my rendition and converged toward me to savor this free concert. For more than three minutes, everything stayed still and I was the center of attention. 

After falling in love with the new trumpet, I went to the cashier to pay for it. 

As I was pulling out my wallet the owner of the store, a trumpeter himself, declined to take money from me. As  perplexed as I was, I tried to collect my thought, the owner said: “You are too good and it is an honor for me to give you this trumpet”. 

I  actually live in USA and I'm considered as one of the greatest Trumpet players of all-time