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Ada and Phyllisia

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Ada:  Describe yourself in three words.

Phyllisia: 1- God fearing 2. artist 3. foodie.


Ada: You’ve been solid with every single you’ve put out. Why that approach instead of releasing an album?

Phyllisia: I have been very hesitant about putting an album out due to the loss of significance of the album. When I was young I loved ordering my CDS, waiting for them to arrive in the mail, opening the package, reading all the liner notes, lyrics, pictures while listening to the album from start to finish. There was such a process associated with listening to and appreciating the cohesiveness of the whole album. Due to our 15 second society and the now even shorter attention spans of people, I feel like most have lost that nostalgia about albums but it looks like my fans are now demanding it, therefore I will deliver. 


Ada: Because you play an instrument, do you think it plays an advantage on how your music is produced? If so, why?

Phyllisia: Playing an instrument absolutely inherently makes me more connected to the music. I can create the progressions for the songs, which lead to the melodies we sing, which lead to the words we use. When producing music or making songs a lot of the times we just write to basic piano or guitar to leave room open for making sure we have an amazing and successful melody. When I play and sing I feel like I am even more connected and focused on the music I'm making that moment. I suggest that EVERY singer try to learn an instrument 


Ada: What advice would you give an aspiring artist?

Phyllisia: Do not expect people to make your dreams come true for you. You should be your biggest investor, believer, critic and everything in between. When you realize that no one can save you, and in fact, everyone is trying to figure out how to save themselves, you can be comforted that no one has the answers and all we can do is just be. For me, just being means singing, playing, making music. Choose your path and stick to it, no matter what. 


Ada: You’ve had a s strong start, singing with International artists such as Jah Cure and Flo Rida, and now taking over the HMI as one of the leading women artists. How does that success impact the next five years of your career?

Phyllisia: Life is a marathon. Everything we ever do matters. One success does not build a career- a series of well put together, well thought out, true, honest, and most of all made with love moves, builds a career. I am enjoying stretching myself and trying out all kinds of things. I am a student of the music- anything goes with me. In 5 years I know I will be continuing to make even better music, performing on bigger stages, impacting more people, and making my mark in the world through music.