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Jean Max and Rutshelle

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Jean Max: After 2 years being the female artist with the most spotlight in the Haitian music scene how would you rate yourself in terms of progress?

Ruthelle: I feel blessed to have the spotlight on me for two years straight thanks to God and the fans. However, life is constantly moving too fast to rate your progress in whatever you do. The most important is to set goals, stay focus and humble, work as hard as smart to achieve those goals while considering the critics (good and/or bad) from others, so you can sharpen your path to these goals..


Jean Max: What do you think your popularity is mostly based on, the music or the past scandal that you were involved in?

Rutshelle: No matter who you are, every occurrence in your lifetime has an input to that person you are. That being said, i think my popularity is a whole package containing all my backgrounds including what went public and what stayed private. From my angle, i'd say it is now a strong responsibility to maintain that popularity and use it as a communication canal to educate those young women following me as an artist and specially as a person.


Jean Max: As an artist what is the kind of message you’re spreading through your music?

Rutshelle: The Courage of Haitian Women to raise and love again despite her fears, her struggle and humiliation.


Jean Max: Name ONE thing you would do differently if you had the chance to go back in time?

Rutshelle: Unfortunately we cannot change the past. Well, my mistakes back in time and the lessons i learned from them make me who i am today and i'm proud to be who i am.