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Arly and Nu Look live at SOBS for a special night of Konpa.
Nu Look - SOBS
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Compas Fest- KAÏ and Kreyol La
Don't miss this Event... the New York Haitian Promoters Coalition is back and has announced its 2nd annual Food Festival to take place this July in Brooklyn. Buy your Tickets now. HERE !! VIP and Table reservations are available.
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Compas Fest- Goodbye Party
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Compas Fest- Djakout#1 & Kreyol La 917) 442-6436 (347) 722-3291
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Compas Fest- TVice & Enposib
One of the biggest event during Compas Fest Weekend. It's a must go to event.
Compas Fest- All Black Affair
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Compas Fest- Djakout #1 & RAM
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Compas Fest - Kick Off Party
The 19th Annual Haitian Compas Festival is the largest gathering of Haitian music fans in the United States. It has been ranked among the Best in Live Music Entertainment events by Billboard Magazine. Returning back to its original location at Bayfront Park in beautiful and revitalized Downtown Miami, the festival attracts over 25,000 patrons annually. This year it's going to be even bigger, it's a 2 day event, with many added artists/bands.
Compas Festival 2017
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Compas Fest Battle of the DJ's

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