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Skah Shah :Evolution CD 

 First, I am not sure why the title of the CD is "Evolution". As far as I am
concerned, it should have been called Back and a little bit of Beyond. Here is why. The medley of "On the move" where multiple old songs were put together was nicely done. The materials for the lyrics were imported from old Skahshah hit songs and stitched together historically.
Then the new song: Reve an mwen"(little bit beyond) is nothing but a Zouk song. Although a Zook song but a very good one. However, there is nothing to be noted as an organic Skahshah song. No horn sections to spice it up like one comes to know as the trademark of the konpa king Skahshah.
Then "Aimer", another song that has the potential to be a great one had the producer of the song applied some real horns segments as opposed to just one saxophone line. The saxophone melody is revealing to the point that I can sense the sound of the great Gerard Daniel of the DjetX. The percussion is on point as well as the keyboard. Coubano is still 20 years old with that remarkable voice.
"Macho man" brought back some real nostalgia of the good old days when all the Skahshahists were at the peak of their youths. Great orchestration by the young producers. "La vie a pa konplike" is pretty harmonic for the taste of some. No horns section at all. Pardon me if am a bit too detailed on my observation of this album. I am a konpa lover.
"Allons Danser" is very elegant and voluptuous to my taste. I feel this song wholeheartedly. I like the R&B flavor. A great song but without the identity of the Skahshah of old. The Homage to Skahshah has a great montage thanks to Shedly Abraham and the participation of the other acclaimed artists notably Gazman Couleur.
And "Maria" Oh boy! Great effort but a classic song like "Maria" should have been left as is.
Overall, the CD is well orchestrated, well balanced. The talent of the Maximum aka Jean-Max Dola can't be denied. Shedly Abraham, bravo maestro, you are a very gifted musician. Yves Abel, The Fridge shows how is done. Mark Arios will be one day one of our legendary musicians. Finally, the one and only Coubano is undeniably superb. I hope the front men of today can be as durable as you. Yes, Coubano hasn't lost a step. The voice is still as charming, appealing as he entered the scene in the 1960s. The delivery of Coubano on this album is a reminiscence of what Skahshah brought to Konpa Direk.
As a Skahshah fan who would love to see the band as one, I do come to the realization and accept the fact that no matter what, Loubert & Co and Coubano will never be together again. For that, I can't knock any side for trying to produce a Skahshah album. Those albums may not be as organic as I would love them to be but it is what it is. It's a fact of life.
Thank you Coubano and company for your efforts. konpa Direk Devan.
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